Resources/ President's Corner


I have some good news to report this month.
This summer the Faculty Club partnered with the
Williams College Museum of Art in providing fun
summer activities for Club members every Thursday
evening on the patio in front of the museum. Club
members enjoyed a wide array of entertainment, free
wine and a complementary selection of interesting and
delicious food.
The college will continue giving the Club financial
support of $3,500, down $1,000 from last year.
This year we are planning seven Friendly Fridays and
hope to have Williams academic departments cosponsor
some. Get ready for our upcoming season of
candle pin bowling (sign-up will be in October) – it’s
lots of fun and experience is not necessary. Also, keep
posted for a “behind the scenes” tour of the Clark
(limited availability) and Bright Ideas local brew by
Orion Howard at next month’s Friendly Friday.
In the past several years, the Club has made successful
efforts to reach out and engage new faculty and staff.
We have seen more diversity among participants in
our programs, and have provided thought provoking
lectures and programs. This year we are welcoming
Williams undergraduates who are military veterans
into full Club membership during their studies here at
Williams. Our Board is a mix of college staff, faculty and
community members, not all of whom have white hair.
The Faculty Club is the only organization dedicated to
town/gown socialization, and the only organization for
college retirees to reconnect and socialize.
So, let’s plan on having another great year at the Faculty Club.