Convivial Conversation & Cuisine for Williams Faculty, Staff and Community Members



October 6, 2017
Living Room | 4:30 pm- 6:30 pm
$5.00 for non-members and guests

Appetizers to be served at 4:45 pm
Beer and Cheese Fondue
Baked Brie with Apricot Chutney
Kielbasa Bites (gluten free)
Pigs in a Blanket Baba Ghanoush (gluten free) with Pita Wedges and Celery Sticks
Guacamole (gluten free) with Tortilla Chips and Baby Carrots
Cash Bar


Tuesday, October 24th | 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Downstairs Lounge| Faculty House

All Faculty Club members are eligible to join,
skills not required but be prepared for fun!
Join a team or start your own. To register, or
for more information, contact Sarah Luczynski
at [email protected] and get your
bowling groove on!

Please Note Important Change in Policy

Due to the ever increasing demands being put on Dining Services around the Williams campus, they will no longer be able to offer any billing for any Faculty Club events. From now on, for all events, services must be paid for at the Point of Sale.

Emails wanted

If you would like your email added to the club’s listserv please email us at [email protected]. Even if someone else in your household has their email on the list, you may add your own to make sure you receive all messages and newsletters.

Going Green

The Faculty Club Board is joining other groups on the Williams campus in helping to do their part to attain its sustainability goals.  In addition, going online has the added benefit of conserving fiscal resources. Commencing with the September 2009 newsletter, members who do not have online access (mostly our community members) will receive the newsletter via the mail.  A select group of College employees who do not have regular access to computers will continue to receive theirs via campus mail.  Once the monthly newsletter has been posted, an email message will be sent to all faculty and staff members with the newsletter attached.

Benefits of Membership

We know in this tough economy we are all paying more attention to where our money goes. The cost of goods and services is going up all the time, and this affects the Faculty Club too. The staff and board work together constantly, striving to offer to its membership quality and variety, while keeping the cost to you down. As a member, you receive value every time you participate in an activity at the club. From the wide array of treats at Friendly Friday to low-cost, delicious lunch every weekday to stimulating presentations and splendid meals at the wide array of evening events regularly presented, members’ fun, food, and fellowship are all subsidized by the Faculty Club Board. We encourage you to come out and participate in as many activities as possible, make the most out of your membership.

Reservation/Cancellation Reminder

Club Policy requires that members be charged for reserved events unless they cancel their reservation 48 hours prior to the scheduled event, unless otherwise noted.