Future Programming:

  • Summer TBD, A special event with a local Distillery. Stay tuned for more details!

Ongoing Events:


Keep an eye out for future events right here and in the Faculty Club Newsletter. If you have ideas about future programming please contact Alison O’Grady at [email protected]

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Take a look at recent past events:

February 7, 2020,4:30PM-6:30PM,  Friendly Friday, Celebrating Chinese New Year with the Asian Studies Department was attended by 65 hearty souls who were served delicious coconut shrimp and dumplings to  name a few items on the menu. Special thanks to our friends in the Asian Studies Department who helped sponsor this event!

February 15. 2020, Cupid’s Culinary Feast was attended by 65 guests. Chef Guiden and his staff did an awesome job and the Sea Bass was the star of the meal. Kudos to Chef Guiden and  his staff!

  • Reservation/Cancellation Reminder:
  • When reservations are required for events such as Cupid’s Culinary Feast, Club Policy requires that members be charged for reserved events unless they cancel their reservation 48 hours prior to the scheduled event, unless otherwise noted.
  • January 17, 2020, 4:30PM-6:30PM, Friendly Friday drew @55 cheerful attendees despite it being Winter Study and freezing cold!
  • The December 6th, Friendly Friday, was attended by @ 70 guests and Julia Choi ‘20 played the piano for a short period
  • December 12, 2019, Holiday Buffet Luncheon
  • January 7, 2020,  Abigail G. Wattley. ’05, Managing Director of Williams College Investment Office, provided an update on the Williams endowment – it’s role in supporting Williams’ mission, portfolio construction, and performance.
  • On December 3rd  Peter Low, Professor of Art, lectured about Notre Dame, its  history, significance and renovation, to a crowd of over 50. The Board is grateful for the time Prof. Low put into this amazing lecture and stunning visuals.  
  • November 1st, Friendly Friday, was enjoyed by @70 attendees.  We celebrated the Mexican tradition of All Souls Day ( Dia de los Muertos).  Mexican food was served and members of Ritmo Latino joined us  for a short dance performance.  For more on Ritmo Latio go to:
  • October 23rd (Wednesday), 4:30PM-6:00PM:  Bowling League Open House. Snacks were provided, and bowlers signed up for teams. 
  • October 4th, Friendly Friday, 4:30PM-6:30PM Had an Octoberfest themed menu, and was attended by almost 70 people. Retirees,  faculty, staff and community members enjoyed warm conversation and a fire in the fireplace!
  • May 12th, Mother’s Day Brunch, Sweetwood of Williamstown. We appreciate the willingness of the gracious staff at Sweetwood to participate in programming with the Club.
  • May 10th, Friendly Friday and Annual Meeting, Main Dining Room, featured a talk/food demonstration by Darra Goldstein: Willcox B. and Harriet M. Adsit Professor of Russian, Emerita. Darra demonstrated a recipe from her new cookbook that’s coming out next winter. Read more about Darra and her remarkable career at: Darra showed us how to make 20-minute pickles. The pickles were easy and yummy, and the food selected by Darra that complimented her demonstration were delicious! This was a well-attended and fun event. Thanks Darra!
  • May 7th,  Sam Edgerton, Amos Lawrence Professor of Art, Emeritus, spoke at Sweetwood of  Williamstown on the Murder of Jane McCrea, a young woman who was killed during the Revolutionary War in Fort Edward NY. The Williams connection is James Phinney Baxter who supported the version of events in his 1887 history of Burgoyne’s campaign. The more than 30 attendees were on hand to enjoy this informative talk. Thanks Sam!
  • The April 26th, Friendly Friday featuring Rich King, visiting assoc. prof at Sea Education Association:, formerly at Williams Mystic, who spoke about his forthcoming book about Moby Dick, Ahab’s RollingSea: Rich also showed an awesome power point. Doug Paisley and Andy Burr were also on hand to perform some sea shanties. The Board and the over 70 attendees appreciated their lending their time and talents to this event.
  • The April 8th,  fireside chat with Presidents Mandel and Oakley who spoke on the topic of:  Presidential leadership – now and then, was very well attended with the Downstairs Lounge packed with students, faculty, staff, alums and community members.  The Faculty Club Board appreciates their taking time out of their busy lives to provide insight to the history of Williams over the past 50 plus years.
  • The March 12th lecture by Phil McKnight, Williams Graduate, who spoke on “The Shakespeare Nobody Knows.”  Phil put a nice spin on who might or might not have been the real Shakespeare, and kept the 47 attendees glued to their seats.
  • March 1st,  Irish -themed Friendly Friday featured Trevor Murphy (OIT), Felix Sun (Assistant Coach of Men’s and Women’s Tennis) and Patrick Gray Sr. and Jr. (OIT) provided an evening of lively entertainment with classics like ” Danny Boy”, and “The Man Who  Never Returned” We greatly appreciate this group for lending their considerable talents with us.  This event  was attended by over 90 guests. The food was also excellent and plentiful.  The wait staff was also efficient and helpful. Thanks to all who made this an awesome event! Let’s do this again next year.
  • The February 16th Cupid’s dinner was a great success with attendees enjoying delicious food, excellent service and fun with friends and family.  Join us for this event in 2020!
  • On February 2nd,the Asian Studies Department hosted a Tea Ceremony at  Center Stage in the ’62 Center. It was well attended and a very enjoyable time.  For more information go to: On February 7th we hosted a new Faculty Club Event: Tea and Conversation in the Faculty Club Living Room.  Around 25 attendees had delicious tea and tea sandwiches  and enjoyed gathering around the fireplace for warm conversation. It was a hit.  Look for another one in the next few months!
  • On Dec 4th, Dustin Griffin,  graduate of Williams (Ph. D. Yale). Taught in the English Departments at Berkeley and NYU for 40 years,  lectured at Sweetwood of Williamstown on the topic: “An Introduction to Paradise Lost: the Greatest Poem in the English Language” Between 35 and people attended, both residents of Sweetwood and community members.  The staff at Sweetwood did a great job hosting the talk and provided lovely refreshments.
  •  Faculty Club members had a great time Thursday evenings in July and August 2018 partnering with our colleagues from the Williams College Museum of Art.For more information on WCMA programming go to:

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Benefits of Membership

We know in this tough economy we are all paying more attention to where our money goes. The cost of goods and services is going up all the time, and this affects the Faculty Club too. The staff and board work together constantly, striving to offer to its membership quality and variety, while keeping the cost to you down. As a member, you receive value every time you participate in an activity at the club. From the wide array of treats at Friendly Friday to low-cost, delicious lunch every weekday to stimulating presentations and splendid meals at the wide array of evening events regularly presented, members’ fun, food, and fellowship are all subsidized by the Faculty Club Board. We encourage you to come out and participate in as many activities as possible, make the most out of your membership.

Reservation/Cancellation Reminder

Club Policy requires that members be charged for reserved events unless they cancel their reservation 48 hours prior to the scheduled event, unless otherwise noted.